Licensed Psychologist

  • Compensation: $120,000.00 - $145,000.00
  • Required Qualifications:
  • City/State: Houston, UT

We are looking for a dedicated Licensed Psychologist to join a growing team of mental healthcare providers in Houston!

Check out the details below:

  • Organization: Recovery Ways in Houston with Dr. Stuart Nathan is a 12-person team of passionate, caring professionals who will support you as you build your caseload. You can learn from the best- you’ll have an outstanding psychologist with 30+ years of experience to collaborate with! You can get the best of both worlds with the independence of working for yourself while also enjoying the perks of a group practice (Established clinic with referral sources already in place, no marketing for clients)! This organization has multiple locations across the US with acquisition plans in place for the future.
  • Job Duties: Provide care to medically challenged patients within area hospitals that have a concurrent need for mental health treatment. These patients may have adjustment disorders after an amputation or life changing surgery, or you could see patients after a suicide attempt. You’ll be working with patients recovering from acute physical trauma and will require exceptional, compassionate, psychological support during the transition to their “new-normal”. You can also expect to provide pre-surgical clearances prior to fertility treatment, or bariatric surgery. This position will allow you to provide sub-acute care for up to three weeks for hospitalized patients.
  • Schedule: 5 days per week full time, or 3 days per week part time. Work solely in the hospital environment, or split your time between the hospital and the office. You can choose what time of day you prefer to round, or you can see patients on a weekend and take a weekday off!
  • Salary: $120,000 - $145,000
  • Benefits: Paid Medical, Dental, Vision, 4 weeks PTO, 401k, opportunity for 10% annual discretionary bonus.

Let us help you decide if this is the right fit, fill out an application so we can reach out with more information. We look forward to speaking with you!

Licensed Psychologist Job Description:

• Assist the attending physician with assessment and treatment. Referrals are typically made when the physician seeks assistance with assessing a patient’s mental health needs but may also include assisting with the care of patients who have mental health or behavioral problems complicating their treatment for medical conditions.

• Be knowledgeable about the bio-social model of health and illness. This will often require an understanding about how mental health symptoms, behavioral patterns, relationship factors, cultural influences and other factors interact and may contribute significantly to the patient’s medical needs.

• Provide input into differential diagnosis questions, such as helping to rule in or rule out psychiatric disorders. They may help with questions about whether the patient’s behavioral symptoms are the result of a medical condition or a separate (but often related) mental health condition. • Assess suicide risk or competency to consent to treatment, to help manage behavioral problems and other treatment concerns for which the attending physician may not have the interest, training or time to manage.

• Services often include assisting with communication about behavioral concerns with multiple members of the patient’s medical team. Services are often needed in situations in which there are several key participants (patient, family, attending MD, consultants, unit or office staff, system administrators, concerned outsiders) who may have differing agendas.

• The ideal candidate will have expertise as a clinical health psychologist providing empirically supported evaluation and individual and group-based treatment interventions in one or more of the following specialties: candidates for bariatric surgery and non-surgical weight loss, fertility treatment, chronic pain management, pre- and post- transplant consultation, integrated behavioral health in primary care.

Final salary is per employer discretion and commensurate with experience.

· Category: Clinical

· Setting: Mental Health

· Job Type: Direct Hire

· Location: On-Site

· Clinical Licensure: LP

· Management Level: Staff