Chief Medical Officer

  • Compensation: $375,000.00 - $500,000.00 per year
  • Required Qualifications:
  • City/State: San Diego, CA

Imagine 3 weeks from now you’ve accepted your dream role as Chief Medical Officer at a major health plan in San Diego. You bust out your best bottle of bubbly and “cheers” with your better half!

This doesn’t have to be a dream, let me tell you what I’m pedaling.

  1. You get to work with the#1 Medicaid Health Plan in San Diego County.
  2. You’ll be stepping into squeaky clean automation with a chance to put your own spin on it.
  3. You’ll report to a CEO who cares more about member satisfaction than Bob Ross does about his paintbrush.

This role touches over 350,000 lives right now with plans to gain 50k more members by the new year (they’re on a growth train).

With forward-thinking leadership at the forefront of this organization, they need an innovative, creative CMO who doesn’t settle for mediocrity.

If going above and beyond is your game- you’re in the right place. They’re rated #1 locally and plan to continue that recognition nationally. The COO doesn’t settle for great (can you say 24/7 live customer service?).

The c-suite is rock-solid with all of them being in place for over 10 years, so you know you’ll be stepping into stability but still have the chance to make your visions come to life. They want to hear your goals and thoughts for pushing this organization into a successful future, no matter how crazy they may sound.

They’re looking for a person to join who isn’t focused solely on paperwork and logistics but has a fire and passion inside to do right by this patient population. If being part of an organization where you can make change in the lives of people who need it the most, I would urge you to have an exploratory conversation.

Check out the details for the CMO:

  • 2 direct reports (medical directors)
  • Location in Chula Vista
  • Work closely with CMO’s and physicians in contracted clinics
  • Shaking hands and memorizing faces in the field
  • Report to the CEO

Requirements of the CMO

  • Well-versed with the health-plan space
  • Specific experience with Medi-Cal is a HUGE bonus!
  • Major passion for the underserved
  • Rockstar attitude with a thirst for excellence
  • Relationship focused and willing to meet providers where they are

If this sounds like a breath of fresh air in the Executive world, it is.

Let’s continue this conversation to see if this role would be exactly what you need to get out of burn-out and into inspiring that “spark” inside of you!