Medical Director

  • Compensation: $295,000.00 - $360,000.00 per year
  • Required Qualifications:
  • City/State: San Diego, CA

Passion is at the forefront of this San Diego based Medicaid Health Plan.

The largest in San Diego and ranking #1 or #2 in all meaningful quality measures means you’re joining a high-performing plan with quality as their mainstay. You’ll learn in the first 2 minutes of your conversation with the COO that he could not care more about the underserved community and that is what drives his leadership!

Have you been in a role that isn’t passionate about the population that you care for?

Well take a sip of lemonade cause this will no doubt be a refreshing twist in your career!

I'm partnered with this organization to find a Medical Director to join the team!

You’ll be joining with the security of knowing this organization isn’t going anywhere but up with

  • 360,000 members to date and plan to have over 400,000 by the new year
  • 1.5 billion in revenue
  • a solid C-suite team (most of whom have been here for over a decade)
  • a plan to grow their internal team by 40-50 employees over the next 5 months
  • a goal of being ranked #1 nationally
  • a COO who understands employee wellness=provider satisfaction=excellent patient care

Plus, who wouldn't want to join a team that takes celebrations so seriously they have to rent a food truck?

If you can't brag about being part of the Number 1 Health Plan in San Diego and have true pride from the reputation of the company that you work for, I would urge you to consider this role.

You'll be working alongside some of the most fun, upbeat leaders that I've met to date (and I've met aaaalot) so you can find joy in your work and be part of a team that celebrates every win!

As the Medical Director you'll be

  • Working alongside the Case Management team creating and approving care plans
  • Working with Quality through grievances and clinical denials
  • Building relationships and shaking hands with providers
  • Flexing your skills working through prior auths, formulary exceptions, and concurrent review (inpatient and outpatient)
  • The decision-maker on medical necessity

This plan needs someone

  • Well-versed in the health plan space
  • Specifically, with Medi-Cal experience
  • Willing to be "boots on the ground", shaking hands in Chula Vista
  • Thirsty to make an impact

If you’re someone who’s a change-maker and deeply cares about making a difference, especially in these underserved communities who need it the most, let’s talk!