Clinical Director

  • Compensation: $110,000 - $135,000
  • Required Qualifications:
  • City/State: Woodland Hills, CA

Now is your time to join a Dual-Diagnosis Residential Addiction Treatment Center in Woodland Hills, who is looking for a passionate Clinical Director to lead of all the clinical services at all facilities.

As the head-honcho, clinically speaking, you will lead a team of 25 employees including a Program Manager, Director of Nursing, and a Tech team that supports a census of 65 (between residential and detox).

Some added perks – the organization plans to double in size over the next several years, and you may have the opportunity to move in to an Executive role down the road. This is a true leadership role with no regular caseload. Don’t even get me started on some of the benefits- a sweet base salary and practically free medical coverage, plus a 3.5% 401k match!

If you are passionate about helping people overcome the hardships in their life and the opportunity to work with a sophisticated, high caliber treatment team in a program that is uniquely capable of effectively treating people with complex issues excites you, this may be the role you have been looking for!

Clinical Director Qualifications:

  • Minimum of 1 year of formal management experience i.e. Clinical Director, Program Director, Program Manager, or Clinical Supervisor.
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Pysd, MFT, or LPT
  • 3+ years of addiction treatment experience.

Clinical Director Responsibilities:

  • Clinical director oversees all personnel with hiring and terminating employment in conjunction with all state and federal labor laws. As such, the Clinical Director will supervise the Program Directors, and Nursing Directors in recruiting, hiring, and scheduling support personnel for Harmony Place.
  • As Clinical Director, conducts clinical intake screening through Director of Admissions or Admissions Counselor if Admissions Director not available, by telephone or in person prior to all questionable admissions to all facilities for clinical clearance. This will come after or during which time the CEO and Admissions Director agree on financials and the insurance is checked (VOB) by two sources. Immediately upon a positive decision to bring the client in for treatment, the Nursing Director, Program Director, Clinicians, Residential Assistant Supervisors and Physician are notified. Then the Clinical Director assigns a primary therapist and he or she is informed via email. If the client is going to VRC, the Clinical Director and Admissions coordinator are informed by phone or email.
  • Responsible to make sure that all admission assessments (face to face) on clients are completed in a timely fashion (pre-admission) and clinically appropriate for licensing, JCAHO, and insurance protocols for meeting medical necessity. This includes H&P (24 hrs.) & Psych Evaluation (5 days), Psych Social (72 hours), Nursing assessment (upon admission), drug testing, MMPI 2- and other psych testing. Then a treatment plan is established and coordination and communication with clinical team and referral source. The treatment plan should include goals and objectives and interventions to attain sobriety, improve self-worth, release of symptoms, establishing new coping mechanisms, and relapse prevention. Client’s input and signature required.
  • Supervises the clinical team, contracted therapist, Program Director, Director of Aftercare at all facilities, oversees Clinical and coordinated management efforts for administrative, Clinical, and nursing directors at HP, HPE and VRC. Direct oversight of Calderon Transition House and all Physicians in all locations.
  • Supervises in arranging for appropriate levels of services for all clients, to include psychological, nutritional, holistic, and personal services, and suitable leisure and recreational activities, consistent with the policies and philosophy of organization. Also approves all medical or psychiatric services if client chooses. Assures and documents that excellent coordination of care and discharge planning is occurring. Responsible for supervising entire daily schedule making sure that appropriate treatment and care is given with individualized and integrated programming: for RTC (7 days per week with 4 groups daily) & (6 hours daily, 5 days/wk for PHP) (3 hours daily, 9 hours weekly, for IOP). In addition, Clinical Director is responsible to make sure that every client at RTC level of care receives a minimum of 3 individual 1 on 1 sessions with a licensed primary therapist weekly, & PHP and IOP 1 individual visit weekly.
  • Monitor’s provision of clinical documentation of a client’s treatment, including H&P, and not limited to documentation related to admission chart note, intake assessment, orientation check list, nursing assessment with suicide assessment, psych-social, master treatment plan, treatment plan updates, daily progress notes and reports, discharge plans/DC summary, BASIS 24 outcome survey, satisfaction survey and aftercare follow up contacts, as per DHCS and JCAHO regulations. Constantly monitors advancement of all clients as to meeting their own goals and objectives. Monitors each primary therapist treatment plan and updates to assure goals and objectives are being met on a consistent basis.
  • Responsible for meeting CA State licensing provisions through Dept. of Healthcare Services, including IMS requirements & JCAHO, CARF, as it relates to clinical protocols and timelines for clinical documentation. This is done through electronic medical records (EMR) called KIPU Systems at Harmony Place Hatteras, Harmony Place East & VRC.
  • Will have ‘Super Administrative rights in EMR system called KIPU and responsible for making sure that all documentation is succinct with regulations dictated by JCAHO, DHCS and Insurance Company protocols, and staff are trained accordingly.
  • Provides individual therapy when needed with clients and leads one process group per week, plus community meeting with the CEO.
  • Leads weekly clinical treatment team meeting and provides supervision of clinical employees and oversees supervisors of Interns. Assures that each client’s case is given equal opportunity to discuss with team using clinical protocols, treatment plans and time management. Oversees Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist assuring they have input into treatment plan. In addition, conducts all-inclusive staff meetings, nurses’ meetings, and tech (RA) meetings. Oversees a monthly in-service for JCAHO and must be documented for all staff levels.
  • Actively involve family, referral source, providers, or other collaterals in treatment, pending consent. Make sure that all referents for admissions are properly communicated with by primary therapist and returned to outpatient therapist referent upon discharge.
  • Coordinate and collaborate outside professional services and case management with Program Director and Nursing Director (e.g., medical evaluations, neuropsych testing, sleep study, housing/sober livings, sober companions, etc.).
  • Oversee aftercare and discharge planning, and the presentation of discharge resources including ascertaining discharge summary for each case with Director of Aftercare/Alumni relations. Assures appropriate graduation/ goodbye group for all clients leaving appropriately with discharge plan. Requirement that either Clinical Director or Program Director is present at every goodbye group.
  • Responsible to be on call 24-7 (unless pre-arranged coverage) and must be available for crisis management and clinical emergencies.
  • Supports line of authority and organizational chart.
  • Co-ordinates all client passes and weekend clinical outing with Program Director by signing off on the written presentation at Clinical Staff meeting and other times given 48 hr. advance notice.
  • Responsible to coordinate all timecards of Clinical Team employees and contractors through Paychex and substantiate hours worked as assigned. Responsible in making sure that all other Directors follow protocol for time cards through Paychex and Exempt and non-exempt staff follow rules and regulations of CA State Labor Board and Harmony Place Policies and Procedures pertaining to pay, overtime, meal breaks, vacation time, and PTO and sick leave, etc.
  • Co-ordination with Consultation on JCAHO, CARF accreditation and DHCS, IMS certification, licensing, and documentation protocols for all levels of care. This includes auditing charts to ensure appropriate standards met and chart client concerns as well as charting to medical necessity, keeping in mind the commitment to insurance company utilization review levels of care.
  • Assures that all Harmony Place Hatteras, Harmony Place East, Calderon and VRC rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and guidelines are adhered to at all times. This includes staff and clients.
  • Approves vacation or sick time in accordance with the best interests of Harmony Place. Does this in accordance with the Director of Human Resources.
  • Mediate, manage and resolve all employee conflicts, issues and reduces drama daily.
  • In charge of conducting empathy boards with a client and clinical staff for consequences when any client acts out in ways that can be disarming, inappropriate or against written regulations once or on a consistent basis.
  • Other duties as assigned by CEO, including recording daily census numbers for all facilities and average daily census monthly.

Final salary per employer discretion and commensurate with experience.